Adaptive / Disabled Diving

Truly life changing is the arena of Adaptive Diving. There are things that will prevent you from diving, however, you would be surprised at the things that do NOT disqualify you from diving. Our instructors are specifically trained to certify at the adaptive level. 

Spinal cord injuries, amputations, Traumatic Brain Injury and many other things we can work through and get you certified to scuba dive!

We have volunteered with several organizations to get people certified with the adaptive rating.  Don’t let anything hold you back, don’t make assumptions that your situation won’t allow you to dive.

Rock Bottom Divers is presently involved with numerous organizations to certify disabled military veterans in scuba, as part of their rehabilitation process. 

Scuba has been shown to help veterans with PTSD and other injuries related to combat actions.

Quiet, bubbles and lack of gravity is a benefit that few activities can offer.

Contact us and lets see how we can help you.


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